January 27, 2014

"Change is good "

Before and Now - Change is such a great thing !!!

Elder Kelsey , Henriquie in Lubango , Elder Montgomery
Jan 2013

76 weeks in Angola                                                                           Jan 27 , 2014
Sorry that last week was super short, and that this week will be too. our new area doesn’t have very good internet cafes (that’s why my spelling is horrible, all the keyboard keys stick,,, bare with me here) and today they close early so we will only get one hour, so this will be shorter I think. 
My week was awesome. I love elder Garcia, he has been an awesome companion and we have been working really hard. It’s pretty tough opening a new area, and I definitely have been stressed, but we are also having success, and I am loving it.
Elder Garcia is a very purpose driven elder, and he helps me stick to our mission purpose, so basically we don’t do anything that is going to take away from the spirit, or that will waste our time, he’s helping me with that for sure. I have loved being companions with him and am excited for the work we will do here in our area. We have already set for baptismal dates for February, so we are super excited about that. 
Our favorite member here is actually a Rastafarian guy that was baptized last year. Basically a mormon version of bob Marley or all the guys off “cool running’s”. He is super cool, an always has time to teach with us. Two of our baptismal dates are referrals from him. He is a champion of a recent convert, and I’ll send some pictures next week when we go to the better cafe. 
it’s been weird getting to know the area, but fun at the same time. Sometimes we have what’s called an adventure time, where all of our appointments drop so we go door knocking in an area we have never been. And sometimes we get lost. But it’s fun. The lord is preparing cool people for us. 
One of my favorite lessons this week was with a less active member from Portugal. he was baptized in Portugal 12 years ago, but then moved to the azore islands a place where there wasn’t any church, so he has been inactive for the last 11 years, but then elder Banta and I ran into him in the post office a few weeks back, and now I and elder Garcia are teaching him.. He is a stud and he’s a great desire to re learn and start living the gospel again. 
Elder Garcia has been speaking very good Portuguese, and even though he don’t think so, he already speaks very very well. he will be fluent before I leave for sure. 
I am loving our new area a lot. it is the middle of the city for sure, the planes fly over us just like they did in Cassequel, and the barrio is almost the exact same, so I’ve kind of been reminiscing a little bit. I got a call from my very first baptism, Henriques in Lubango today right before internet. It was super cool to hear he’s still doing awesome. He is the elder quorum president and a very strong member of that small branch. It is the greatest joy to see someone you helped come to the gospel prosper and receive blessings from our
Father in Heaven.!
(side note, mom, haha he told me he was calling because you were worried because I hadn’t emailed yet. I’m fine, stay calm! 12 weeks, love ya.)
But ya, this week was awesome, I am excited to send more news next week of our investigators progressing towards baptism. I love you all and am so grateful for the strength I receive from your prayers each and every day.
Uncle Val an Aunt Teri and family I will pray extra hard for you in this time of loss of Brandon. I love you all and send my thoughts and prayers especially in this time of loss. The lord has a plan for each of us, never forget it’s all part of his plan! 
Well I love you all so much, an I am so excited to see where the next twelve weeks take me and elder Garcia. Pray for our investigators! We need to change this area around:) love you all! Have a good week, till next time!
com amor,

Elder Montgomery

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