January 13, 2014

Christmas and New Years

72 weeks                                                                                             Dec 30, 2013
and a happy new year!!!
ola minha familia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 I love you all and am so grateful for each and every one of you. Thank you so so much for skype, it really was amazing, despite the fact that i was nervous out of my mind. why??? no clue. but it was good. thank you so much . I sent a recording and hope you all get it explaining what i really wanted to say on skype, at least some of the things, that I forgot in my rushed nervousness.
but all in all, your still a great family, and I guess I’ll keep you, besides, you didn’t come with a gift receipt.......! haha kidding, you’re the best family ever and I love each and every one of you all so very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Graham,  Claire and Beau are so huge. I think I am most nervous to come home to them and try to be the best uncle I can be. They are getting so so grown up. I couldn’t believe it.
But thank you all for making my Christmas amazing, it was very merry, and I wouldn’t and couldn’t have asked for more. Mostly thanks for the understanding on  the whole time limit and getting  cut off, and the power going out and no Portuguese testimony. I just need blessings for people here that won’t get them unless I am obedient.
This week was really good though. Tuesday we painted a house of a lady and didn’t even get close to done, but we got their living room pretty so they could have a merry pretty Christmas. It was hard work and dirty, but the spirit of love and service was so worth it. Then obviously skype was the highlight for Christmas, and we went caroling just our district, my Banta Hyde Clifford Rigby and Peterson, to some families’ members and investigators in our area. We saved Christmas I think for 7 of them. It was a blast.
Thursday I was really shooken up the skype and everything, not that it wasn’t amazing just that I couldn’t sleep or focus that night, so the antivenom to trunkyness= work!!!!!! Me and elder Banta turned a small week of work into a huge success working as hard as we could for the four short days we could and the lord blessed us immensely, we were able to visit all the families we needed to and then our numbers for church attendance went back up after suffering the last few weeks.. it was truly an amazing week, as we were exactly obedient we received strength and the spirit to guide us to who we should visit and what we should say in the small time we had, then as we followed the spirit the lord multiplied our time so we could teach more people. it was truly amazing!!!!
So then the rest of the week went really good because we were working hard, and before i knew it here I am in the cyber cafe sweating out another email session. I seriously love Angola! don’t know how I’m gonna feel about leaving, but even better I dont have to worry about that for a long time:)

So I found a cool scripture in DC the other day, I can’t remember I’ll give the reference next week, but it talks about as we are grateful "the lord will multiply our blessings, yea even an hundredfold, yes more." or something like that, but it’s so true!!!! At the end f this year I will give thanks more and ask less, because I receive so so many blessings from the hand of the lord. its true, he will bless us multiplied, then 100x more, and even more, as we love and show gratitude toward him. just like the 1 leper that came back to thank the lord, i guarantee he got even more blessings because he showed gratitude. it is a powerful principle. i pray we can all apply it in our lives. that’s my challenge for the week, during the festivities, be grateful for each and every thing you have, given only by the one who can give all. Our Father. I love you all so much and am so grateful for you this holiday season and always. thank you for being the best family i could ask for. I love you! Have a good week. HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
com amor,

Elder Montgomery

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