January 13, 2014

The New Year is off to a great start

Sweet Family new baptisms 

Elder Banta playing games 

Elder Montgomery with a Christmas stocking from Elder Banta's Family

74 weeks                                                                                 Jan 13,2014
ola minha familia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
wow this week was a long one, but full of work and love and testimony and new investigators and the spirit. this was a blessed week for me, I hope the same for all of you.

Me and elder Banta had an amazing week doing our best to replenish our teaching pool, and found ten new people, but not just any ten people, but all very good cool prepared investigators. the coolest one is named Josemar, he is form London and speaks perfect English, and pretty much already decided to be baptized. he’s really cool, and loves the church already. 

But the bigger news is that I am getting transferred!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I  will be spending my last two transfers in an area called Terra Nova, in the VERY middle of the city over bordering my old area in Cassequel. It’s one of the if not the most ghetto area in the mission, and better than all that, I’ll be whitewashing the area with my new trainee elder Garcia!!!!!!!!!! That means well be going two new elders into an area we’ve both never worked, and elder Garcia is gonna be fresh off the plane from the US. I’m so stoked and grateful for this opportunity. It’s gonna be a blast. I know it will be stressful but a huge testimony builder. I’m so excited to see where these last oops I mean next two transfers will go! Love you all! Sorry it’s so short o tempo e curto!!! vos amo!!!com amor,
Elder Montgomery

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