January 13, 2014

Received his final Christmas Package Chocolate, chick fil a Cow watch from Graham 

Elder Clifford directing traffic 

73 weeks                                                                                                         Jan 6 2014
dois mil e quatorze
So this week was super good. We had normal days Monday and Tuesday, and then Wednesday for new years we got our pday. on Wednesday we got to play soccer, and I got your package mom! Thank you tons again. I am slowly eating one reeces a day, and its heaven every night!
so the pictures i sent are at soccer opening up my package, and then elder Clifford directing the truck to back up, he looked like a boss so I thought I’d throw him in there, and then a really bad picture of an Angolan hearse. it’s a pickup truck hearse.
Anyways, this was a very normal week, sorry I dont have alot to write, I said most of it in the recording. Me and elder Banta  are just working hard. We dropped almost all of our invesigators his week because none of them were doing anything to progress, so were looking to find some elect. I’m super excited for contacting this week to find those people who really have a thirst for the gospel and don’t know it yet. I love working with Elder Banta. transfers are a week early because we will be receiving three new elders this next week on the 15th, so I’m excited to see what happens I feel like Ill probly die here in Benfica, as in finish my mission, but president Merrill is very very good at throwing us all curveballs in our transfers, it makes it really fun because we never how whats gonna happen, but the Lord does, and the revelation is received and it happens the way it’s supposed to, not the way we think or want, but what the lord wants.
So I’m just truckin along trying to grow each day. Dad, you wanted my new year’s resolution, so here it is, I got this quote from sister Merrill’s desk, I dont know who it’s by but it goes a little something like this>

"If you always do what you have always done, you will always be what you have always been."

So with that in mind my new years resolution is to be a new me. to be a better me. I have always in my life, to be completely honest, felt extremely mediocre in everything I did. sports, school, callings, and for the last two years, a missionary. SO this year and from now on, I am going to be extraordinary at the few things I choose. I want to have an extraordinary relationship with my Heavenly Father, so I will be exactly obedient in keeping the commandments and serving him and others, and I will be extraordinary in school and work by putting myself 100 percent devoted into those things, among others. I’m gonne live my life at an extraordinary level, so I can be an extraordinary person. If that makes sense to you all, there you go. if not another scripture describes my goal.

"Be ye therefore perfect, even as I, and Your father in Heaven are perfect."
No I wont be able to be perfect, but I will perfect myself everyday!
So anyway, with a new year, comes a new attitude and a new outlook on life. I have complete 2013 the YEAR of my mission, the only year in my life I will spend every day as a missionary. I am so grateful for everything i learned but that would not all fit in an email, so ill add to it and share in a few short months.
Don’t do what you have always done, so you wont be what you have always been, be better!
I love you all! Have a good week, and happy new year!
com amor,
Elder Montgomery

and no I didn’t forget!


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