May 8, 2012

#3 Email

Date: Tuesday, May 8, 2012, 8:49 AM
OLA MIHNA FAMILIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Eu amo voces muito!!! i love you all so much!!!!
Fist to answer your questions mom,
-Yes having elder castleton speak better helps me alot,  but i am not submerged in it haha he stil speaks better english than me to,. hes not that far ahead of me on the portuguese lately tho! ive been learning a ton!
-Im so sad to hear the granbabies are sick. tell graham and claire that uncle collie love them so much!
-i miss father and sons, make sure greg and dad have a fun time .
 -yes i finally did get dads letter! tell him thank you and i love him so much. i will write him back today when i get a second:)
-thank you so much for sending the suit and sandals,. i cant wait to get them! i need them for when i go play sandvolley ball for gym because they are so much easier to take onn and off :)
- i usually play soccer everyday for gym. its the best workout, and allows me to get all the energy out from sitting allllll day long haha but i do really good and always score, so its fun. thats all thanks to my indoor soccer team. SHOUT OUT TO DIRTY DASH AND THE BOYZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I be reppin you in provo!!!
-mom, if possible i would love some of you sugart cookies and homeade frosting, just so i can prove to the other elders that you truly are the best baker in the world@!!
- Elder Platamone and Tucci are going to serve in Lisbon Portugal. They are my absolute favorite. me and tucci are seriously so bonded, its wierd. we have the exact same mindset and experiences, except he is an auzzie and im an AZ. i plan on either going to visit him on australia or meeting halfway in hawaii after our missdions! they leave today. i am super super sdad, BUT i know they are gonna be such sick missionaries. i love them both.
-i did get the envelopwe about angola and all that. it was amazing! thank you so much! i love hearing about the people i am going to serve.
-i love gettign chandlers emails, please keep forwarding them:)
-that so cool mitch is gonna be here tomorrow! are his family dropping him off??? im gonna request to be his escort for sure!!! when you get this today shoot me a quick email so i know if its his family, what car their driving, ect. i really wanna be his escort
-I still cant believe kyle hasnt gotten his call yet. i really hope it comes soon. could you get me his address so i can write to him?
-I love the book of mormon,. The rule is at the mtc, in order to learn to teach it, you are only allowed to read three books. the BOM, the white bible/ missionary handbook, and preach my gospel. so i have LOVED reading the boook of mormon. i just started helaman this morning. ITS amazing. and of course i loved alma with all the war stories, but truly the best part is about the 2060 stripling warriors. how the were EXACTLY obedient and that is how theyhad the strenght to not have any harm come upon them, and even whn they passed out because of loss of blood, not a single one of them perished. i love that
 i love being a missionary. i am coninuting to multiply and expound my portuguese skills, for time i wont type any haha but just trust me!!. i love all of you at home so much. i cant wait to get to angola and serve the people there. i love them so much already!!!

mom im so so sorry, but they mision president told us to email home and truly apologize to our mothers because the in the mtc we cant call home for mothers day, BUT in a few weeks when i GO TO NEW YORK to get my visa, i will be able to call then!!!!!! THE only Angolan embassy is in new york city! so we get a day and fly to NYC and go to the embazzy to pick up our visas. im so freakin pumped hahahhahahaahahha i will call you when i get it and write a letter before then that explains more. but wilhelm and hansn and tillley all did the same things. they said it was a fun ""day off"" from the MTC. and since two elders in our district went home the first week,  now me and elder castleton are the only two going to angola from our group. so anyways i promise to write more about it when i find out. 
DAD- one of the elders form my district who went home the second week, guerss where he was from!!!!!!!!! Palmer alaska! he said he has been to a miners game before, but that their pretty much just a old guy beer leaguwe now ahahaha anyways i gotta wrap this up. i love you all with all my heart. thank you for your love any prayers. i Definityel feel tham lifting me up daily. i love you all! give my kissed to grahambo claire and beau! i love them and all of you so much! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!!!
your son friend and elder, 
Elder Colin Jay Montgomery
   We heard from colin again this after noon he is going to NYC tuesday to get his visa, crazy.
we've never heard of that happening. A one day trip from Provo to NYC and back.

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