May 31, 2012

Three Weeks left

 Ola minha familia e meus amigos!!!!
Todo bem!!?? (hows it going!?)
this week has been INSANE!!
with my new assignment as zone leader. i have literally ZERO time. its crazy. on that schedule i sent you a couple of weeks ago, where ever it says personal study time or additional study time, that mow means, babysitting, interviewing, checking up on, running around like a chicken with my head cut off, giving blessings, allllll that. My sundays, i feel like dad. i have nonstop meeting till 930 at night. its insane. but i do learn alot, so thats cool.
In onther news, our zone/branch is now only a skinny stick. as of today, we have 10 elders and one sister under our command. haha just kidding. but theirs only 11 in our zone ritht now. so TOMORROW when we get 15 new elders, im gonna freak out!!! i have no time now, i dont even wanna know what next week is gonna be like with almost 30 elders. plus we dont know if were getting brazilian elders till tomorrow the day of, so we could be getting evern more. so ya. im freakin out.
buti know that everything will be ok. the lord is testing me with patience. absolutely!
in the next week, i will really learn how to have patience this next week.
its crazy to think that i only have two and a half weeks left in the USA! i honestly am freaking out. its gone by so fast. but if the next two years goes by this fast, its goona be like i never even left, besides that ill be two years older and much muhc wiser! haha
anywyas, i gotta email grandma and write some letters. ill try to get on an send another letter today. i love you all so much and am so grateful for everythign you do for me and for all the prayers you have for me. i cant wait to hear from you all again.
-mom, i got your pictures of the cabin. ugh i love and miss those babies so much! and thank you for the package! ill hopefully get it today. im goping on my longest dry spell of no mail yet. i havent gotten any since friday haha ya ya i know your all thinking that its no big deal, but it is! it truly can mess us your day when the thing you look forward to the most is not there haha bt its all because of saturday, sunday and memorial day, so im sure illl get lovingly bombarded today:):) anyways, i love you all. im grateful for this opportunity to serve and to be able to preach the gospel to the people of angola! i LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!! im so greatful for all of you and i love you all! graham claire and beau, i love you! more than anything!!
dont forget your uncle colie and dont grow up while im gone! i love you!
Elder Colin Jay mONtgomery
ps. thats so good for kyle. is ther anychance you could give him my email so i can tell him congrats??]
pss i will be sure to find out what kind of specific directions i need as luggage goes. thank you for the advice! i cant believe ill be leaving in 20 days!!!!!!!!!!!!! holy cow. anyways. i love you all! bom dia!!!

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