May 20, 2012

May 15, 2012

Ola minha familia e meus amigos!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Eu amo voces muito! Eu amo esta un missionario!!!!!!!!!!!
how are you all? how are things today back home and everything? dad i just got your sports update email, thanx!!! i love you all so much!
Mom, to responder to your email, that’s so cool that Meg made you a picture book! how was your mothers day/ there is a letter on its way to you i promise! Im so sorry that we couldn’t call:(
-Im glad Kyle FINALLY GETTING his call. Make sure you let me know or have him email me when he gets it!
-yes i got my suit and cookies THANK YOU SO MUCH! my whole floor now knows who’s mom makes the best sugar cookies in the whole world. they are all addicted!
-that’s crazy about the freak rainstorm! i wish i was there!
I’m gonna run out of time responding to your letter, so i would just tell you all little about my well. pretty uneventful besides the fact that i gained a testimony turly of the Book of Mormon. no big deal,,,, just kidding IT WAS A Huge Deal. Monday morning i was reading and I finished Moroni. That was my first time ever reading it all the way through all by myself. I could feel the spirit so strong when i finished it so i went somewhere semi alone and kneeled down to pray,. the words i planned on saying had been something like "Heavenly Father , i have a testimony that this is true, please confirm it in my heart or give me a sure sign that it is true, BUT the words that actually came out was i started crying, and I just bore my testimony to Heavenly father and said, I KNOW THIS BOOK IS TRUE. I love it and I have a true testimony of it. I truly truly gained a testimony of the Book of Mormon yesterday. I Love studying and reading it.
ughh Im super sorry that I have to go! I will fly out of SJC about midnight tonight to NYC and then I have no idea when il becoming back. but I hope I will be able to take some pictures and show you all. I love you all with all my heart and i am so thankful for your prayers and love. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY! I KNOW THAT this is where I belong right now. give the babies all my love and kisses. I love you alll!
Elder Colin Jay Montgomery

Part 2
ok so this is my last word before i leave to New York! We just had a fire side with L TOM PERRY !!! so cool! Ill write you a letter about it. I love you so much ,,,, and crazy news,,, I just got made a ZONE LEADER! I was not expecting it at all! Ill write you a letter this week and explain more! i love you all so much and you’ll hear from me later this week in a letter! LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!
Elder Colie

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