November 19, 2012

Week 15 in Angola, 7 months out !!!

Elder Kelsey sitting on the water (Agua)tank, Elder Borden standing , wheres
Elder Montgomery ???

Oh there you are... Elder Montgomery, he wrote his name in the green slim 
in the water tank. Thank goodness for water filters.

#15  in Angola   pictures # 2      Monday, November 19, 2012 6:22 AM
 holy cow this week has flown by! and guess what! yesterday I hit my SEVEN MONTH MARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ya. it’s for real now, I’m no longer a new missionary ahhaahha even though at times I still make mistakes like new missionaries. so big news for the week, we have one more baptismal date, his name is Gilberto! ya its sick. I like his name because its home ya know? but ya! He is an awesome single guy in his thirties, he will be baptized next month. Its really cool to see the crazy changes he’s made in his life. The first time I went to his house two months ago on a division with elder Tilley, he was drunk out of his mind and couldn’t even talk straight. Now he’s a amazing learner and has completely given up alcohol and recovered from alcoholism and is gonna get baptized! super super cool!!!!
But ya a good week. The only other good news was that I hit seven months. It was very normal ahha but I rewarded myself with cleaning out our water tank, which had been full of that green water for some time now. I sent pictures hopefully they get through good. but ya. not  too crazy week  just those couple things that happened. The pictures are of me and the other missionaries cleaning out our water tank. I volunteered to go inside hahah it was groooooooss, the water smelled like fish and there was moss all over the inside. I spelled my name if you can read it in the one picture. I was happy when I finished, hence the conquering stance on top. To just answer questions,,, yes president Kretyl is awesome. I have learned a lot about working smart and how to teach effectively so that we don’t waste time an give people chances to let their family talk them out of baptism an stuff like that, sadly it happens a lot. I think were having thanksgiving dinner on Thursday, not sure though. I’ll try and get the stuff for the stuffing and oreo pie. super excited for that one:) 
  Mom if you could email me your cup cake and sugar cookie and frosting recipes, the branch presidents wife wants them because I was talking your cookies up one day when she made us " cup cakes ahah" so ill see if she can get your recipe down. it’s in Africa, so I don’t think you’ll lose any business:)
 The branch here is Lubango, there is only one, is very small. only about 50 members, about half are youth, and about half are inactive and I’ve never met them, so Sundays we definitely have more investigators at church than members, ever. it’s really cool. I love it. but ya the church just rents a Vivena, is what it’s called. Basically like a house with another house behind. We live in the annex out back and then the church is right in front. ha no dad, we didn’t have to stay in side all last Monday for Angolan independence, it was just that the internet cafe was closed so we couldn’t do internet.
   Anyways. I think that’s it for the questions! I loved the picture you sent from the zoo! gosh  those kids are so dang cute! Can’t even stand it. I miss them like crazy, make sure Graham, Claire, and Beau never forget uncle Colie!! also mom, I got an email from Kate Montgomery, if you could tell her thanks a ton and I love her. She sent a picture of her baptism date and stuff. super cute.
  ok, so I know like last week I said some stuff about loving that rechargeable light you sent and everything. and I did,,,, but it broke already ahaah I don’t know what even happened it just stopped working one day. sooooo if possible, the next person to send a package could send me one of those surefire flashlights if they’re not too expensive,,, that would be cool:)
Mom and dad, have you and the fam gotten my letter that I sent home yet? I sent it to Chels and Ise house, how often do you guys all check the mail? I hope it gets their soon. and let graham know that it is addressed to him but he has to share with the whole family!!!! haah but ya. I sent a letter. We’ll see how long it takes!
and I guess I better close this so I can send my letter to president... but I love you all! I hope you all have an amazing week and never forget that I’m always praying for yall! love ya!!!! and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-»to all and to all a good night. ya I know wrong holiday. haha love ya!
Elder Montgomery

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