October 10, 2012

its raining, spiders and cockroaches!!!!

OLA MINHA FAMILIA!!                                                              Oct. 9, 2012
holy cow this week was an absolute blur, first off, just an apology, Lubango got hit with our first African rainstorm this week, which meant the internet went down and we couldn’t email haah sorry, but I get to do it today so yee haw!!
This week was crazy though. It started with an extermination session of our kitchen of the 100s and yes I said 100s of roaches living in our kitchen and house. It was pretty nuts. Closest to men in black and ghost busters ill probly ever get. Then I also killed a huge spider as big as the palm of my hand. . That and normal missionary work  was the first two days of the week.
then came the saddest day of y mission so far.
A family we met and began teaching a few week ago, their names are Paolo and Loide. They are just golden. Soaking up the plan of salvation and everything, well Loide she contracted palodismo this week, it’s like the precursor to malaria, and on Tuesday the baby she was 8 months pregnant with miscarried. Elder kelsey and I we able to go in and see her before she passed the baby and it was very very hard to keep back the tears. We truly love this family and to see them in such pain, losing what  would have been their first child, it was unbearable. Elder Kelsey's tears flowed and I don't know how but I kept the tears back. Then with the little family we sat in the delivery room while she was in labor and sang families can be together forever and elder kelsey and I bore our testimonies about the plan of salvation. It was honestly the saddest moment of my mission. I felt heart broken for the family. But she was able to pass the baby around midnight, then the next night, we returned an d were able to give Loide a blessing,. I did the anointing and elder Kelsey gave her an amazing blessing. I have never felt the spirit so strong in a hospital room where there were so many tears and so much sadness, but as we were leaving Loide was able to smile and tell us boa noite an tudo bem ( ok and goodnight). It was an amazing sad but spiritual experience, that truly strengthened my testimony of the plan of salvation. If you could all keep their family in your prayers I’d appreciate it.
alem disso( in addition) , the semana  (week ) was pretty normal. Just our first huge rainstorm, and not we didnt get to watch conference. That’s so cool about the age changes thought. I hope everyone who can take advantage of it!, but yes dad I remember marlin k jensen I had the opportunity to talk to him in the mtc as he gave his very last talk before becoming an emeritus 70 awesome man.
mom, yes I am watching my language when I get frustrated haah you’d be amazed how well mannered and everything I’ve become haah the mission is doing good for sure... but ya sorry I don’t have a ton to write, the days just get stuck together when were just DOING WORK!!!!!!!!!! haha but I love you all and I can’t wait to talk (email)to you next week, when I will be hitting my 6 MONTH MARK!! How crazy is that!!!!!!!!!! time sure flying when you’re doing the work of the lord. I love you all!!!
till next week..  I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!!
Elder Montgomery

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