October 22, 2012

Life in Lubango week #11 in Angola

 #11 Life in Lubango!!!                                                    Monday, October 22, 2012 6:16 AM
ok so first: transfer news!!! I will be staying here in Lubango, and will be switching companions to work with Elder Borden he’s a cool guy. I like him a lot and so it should be fun. Then Elder Tilley is going up to Luanda, we'll miss him here, and another newer guy ( we found out it is Elder Hyde) is coming down to Lubango to work with Elder Kelsey. so ya, nothing to big, but it will be fun!!!. and dad to answer, we just get our transfer news in an email, so I literally just found out minutes ago.
now to answer questions,,,
 Primeiro, Christmas stuff. I’m doing this little kid style,
dear santa, I would like
1.( personal stuff J)
2. a new flashlight, their called "surefire", and their like the ones the cops use. This ones kinda optional.
3. pictures of everyone preeeety please.~
4.scribbles from Graham, Claire and Beau and cozies assim (? Not sure what he means by this ).
and I’ll send more next week. That’s all I can think of. oh ya, and some pop tarts.
next thing,,, in order to skype for Christmas, the best way to do it is over facetime on an ipad or mac computer, I guess that’s the fastest connection and way better than skype,,, soooo dad and mom you have a few options,,,,,
1 buy each other ipads for Christmas ahhhhaah
2 buy a mac computer.
3 find someone you know who will be there when we all skype who already has an ipad or mac computer.... aka tori. :)
 face time is the better way to do it and there should be somewhere available for me to use a ipad or something. so ya.
 more questions,,,, ~
Lubango has been warming up a little bit, but it’s been raining more too. about twice a week at least. The rain cancelled our pday activities last week so well try again to go sight seeing today.
we don’t have ZLs in Lubango, only in Luanda, and Lubango and Huambo just get grouped in.
haahhh. The water situation..... last week we didn’t have water all week.-... so yes, some days i went without showering, some days I used the green mossy fish smelling water in the bottom of our water tank, and some days I had to use water that had decaying ... roaches in it. They were decaying,, ,, so not 100 percent on the roaches ahahahaha
   Don’t worry mom,. I’ll get my package eventually. 
 ok.... SHOUTOUT TO ALL MY HOMIES BACK IN G-TOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Crazy Elder M. ) 
I can’t name all of you but you know who you are!!!! you all who are 18 and can serve missions early you better get in gear and get out there and serve!!! that way we can all get home closer to the same time and party it up, haha!!!!! love you all! do work!!!!!!! 
 Alright sorry for the little outburst. 
but ya. This week has been good. we finished the transfer with a total of over 155 lessons taught, and not including p days that was all in like 36 days. ya I know still no baptisms, but there will be a TON of baptisms here in a few months. Lubango is growing like crazy...
   ok so this week I actually hit my six month mark!!! I know I’ve been talking about it for a while, but it actually happened! and >THE CRAZYIEST THING HAPPENED THAT DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 I hit six months, and the day was completely normal and nothing happened ahaha that's kind a the life of a missionary. I love it and it’s tough at the same time.  
   Anyways, I love you all so much. I hope that as your weeks are passing you ALL feel my love for you and know that I pray for each and every one of you. I know I always say that, but its just true. I’m growing as a person in my testimony and in the language and I’m super excited to see where this next transfer will take me. I love you all!!! Have amazing weeks!!!!!
Elder Montgomery
 ps, the picture is just us transporting our groceries home from Shoprite in the back of the Violin’s truck.
 ** anything in (  ) is input form Elder M's Mom :) 
Left is Elder Kelsey, and Tilley, right is Elder Borden, and Montgomery
 taken Oct. 22, 2012 don't they look great!!!

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