October 30, 2012

This week... Oct 29,2012 #12 in Lubango Angola,

Elder Montgomery and Hyde, Hyde is new to Lubango,
 he is Kelsey's new comp. Elder Tilley was transferred to
Luanda Casuquel Area and Colins Comp is Elder Borden. 

Watching General conf in in Portuguese 3 weeks 
after the US watched it. Can you find the American in the bunch. 

Elder Montgomery and Elder Borden New companions 
still in Lubango 

Elder Montgomery so excited the rain s have come.

Over  looking Lubango
mini crist statue they have on the mountain above Lubango 
that overlooks the whole city. It's cool, like the one in rio de janerio

#12   Oct 29.2012
Ola minha familia!!! I love you alllll so much! thanks for the emails and everything again this week. it makes the mission bearable and funner to know you’re all doing good.
so ill just jump right into everything about this week. new companion, Elder Borden is really cool. We already were around each other because he was with Elder Tilley so it’s cool and fun and the change was easy. yes mom he’s from North Carolina.
ok so I know this is pointless to say but I found out something about myself this week,,,,,, I LOVE NUTELLA! Elder Tilley left some when he went to Luanda and I tried it and love it . super weird don’t know how I never liked it. but ya. super good. I love it.
Our new area has a lot less people to teach, it’s more like the outskirts of the city, but we have a ton of baptismal dates, so I’m super excited for the next transfer. We’re gonna have some awesome people and families baptized.
This week we got to finally watch general conference and I sent a picture of it. Just wanna say para bems to me, (congrats) because I watched eight hours of conference in another language, and stayed awake!,, and that is saying something!
I cut my hair this week, nothing too important ahha don’t know why I wrote that down,
MOM thank you sosossoso much for the package! it got to Luanda the 22nd and elder Hyde brought it down so I got it this last week. I LOVE EVERYTHING!!! thank you so much!! the flash light is freaking legit!!! ya, I don’t need the other one I asked for now, I love the new one!  thank you! haha I laughed my head off when I pulled out the rainforest plumbing shirt hahahaahah thank you so much. I loved the letters and pictures and everything, thank you!!!
also this last week with Elder Hyde I got two letters from the Heap’s and the Hubble’s, make sure you tell them thanks a million for those! It’s really nice to hear from people. tell them thanks for me.
ok so I thought of a couple more Christmas things if possible,,, just pictures of everyone, and one of those family calendars if you made another of this year, sorry if that ruins any stocking stuffing surprises haha
I also need a fitted sheet for my bed, don’t know how I never brought one of those but ya, if possible that would be awesome ,
and just some peanut butter and almond mms I’m definitely down for any sort of candy you can send:)
 Anyway’s to answer questions though, I’m doing fine really. The water situation is way better because we have a water truck come fill our tank every week now so that takes care of it.
Dad ahah no, we don’t have any sort of maids or anything like that. I wish!!!!!
I am in Elder Borden’s and Elder Tilley’s old area, so I have to learn all new people and area and stuff, but ive pretty much caught on, our area is just one straight line with a lot of little barros on the outsides.
MOM!! if you could also send me some DIFI that hair stuff I always used, the white jar with the blue cap they only have it at ulta,,,, that would be amazing  How’s the work? 
ya I hear from Zach and Hunter  weekly, we have a little brotherly email going. its fun.
 I’m doing good. We’ve had lots of rain this week so I’ve gotten o be in a great mood. I and  got to use my rain coat for the first time. I love it works great.
but ya, I’m doing good. just a normal week minus the small changes. I love you all and hope you all have an awesome week. Know that I am always missing and praying for all of you, but that I am ok and none of you need to worry about me. I love you all!! Have an awesome week, and dad, make sure you get out to highlands playoff gameS. yes they will win haha but ya, love you all so much! 
graham, wassup MAMMY!!!!
love ya!
Elder Montgomery

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