March 12, 2014

Beginning of the End -1~ 5 to go

82 Weeks in Angola ~            5 weeks this Elder is coming home                             March 10, 2014
ola minha familia!!!!
so this week was awesome!  Elder Garcia and I have continued to do hard work in our area and be completely blessed, and we are having miracles and blessings for it! 
There was no baptisms this week, but we do have two next week! one is a 14 year old kid who is the brother of  a member, he has been taught forever but just never got fully prepared, but we have helped him see the importance of baptism and the gift of the holy ghost and he has come alive spiritually this week it’s been cool to see his understanding and comprehension and sensitivity to the spirit grow right before our yes.. He has a very good understanding of the atonement, something I didn't get when I was 14 that’s for sure. 
The other guy were gonna baptize is a single dad who’s 38. He is he mot converted person I think I’ve ever seen before baptism. He is willing to follow every commandment with exactness, and he has had so many cool blessing s for it. His baptisms will be on the 22, and then we should have about 5 or 6 baptisms on the 12th, right before i leave. I’m stoked!!!! 
We had transfers last week and we got a new elder in our house, Elder Yeanoplos, from Tuscon. It’s always good to have another zona here. 
I’m digging  hard for memories and things to write about but nothings’s getting harder and harder to keep focused. when were in the field working I don’t think about home, but lately when we get home I am just exhausted and it is all I can do to plan and eat and read a little before I just have to conk out a go to sleep. If I stay up all I think about is home ahah so I try to just go to sleep as fast as I can. 
That’s so crazy that the chain is already so short!!!! This has flown by, but I’m excited to still have one more transfer to do work here. Elder Garcia and I are determined to make this the best transfer this area has ever seen. So far so good! We had ten new investigators this and last week, so we’re finding the truly prepared people who can build up the church here. 
So our week is way busy this week, we have goals for two baptisms next week and more than five on the twelfth, so we have a lot of work to do. 
I couldn’t send picture this week because my card got messed up somehow, but I’ll figure it out next week! 
I love you all and hope you have good weeks. 
com muito amor,

Elder Montgomery

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