March 3, 2014

The Beginning of the End

(Borrowed from Sister Merrill's blog  2/28/2014)
back row. ?,?, Elder Clifford, Hyde, ? Garcia, Cafferty, Brown, Montgomery, Garn, Nash, Rigby, Petersen, Stewart.
back row seating 4- Dredge, Pimental, Castelton. Sefita
seated middle row- ?, Yeanoplos, Hansen (leaving the March 5th) Hollingsworth, Hannay, Ferguson, Merkley, McCune, ?,
Front - Sister and Br Abdo, Elder Carl Cook , Sister and President Merrill

Elder Carl Cook is serving in the First Quorum of the Seventy and in the Area Presidency 
and Elder Montgomery

Baptism of Luis, Elder Montgomery Luis, his wife,
 daughter and Elder Garcia 3-1-2014

Elder Montgomery and Luis 3-1-2014
Saying good bye to Elder Hyde (transferred to Huambo), 
till they meet again in the USA .

81 Weeks in Angola                                                                                        March 3, 2014
The Beginning of the End
OLA MINHA FAMILIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This week was awesome. And it seems all you at home had just as awesome of a week with the temple dedication and all. As for me, we got wet! baptisms!!!! Elder Garcia and I had the first of our many baptisms for the transfer. If that confuses you all, I’m just saying that this transfer will be the absolute best of my mission. I’m not letting anything distract me from my and Elder Garcia’s goal, to have at least six baptisms. We have one, right now, with twelve baptismal dates set, and five more planned to set this week. Why wouldn't we? We are on the lord’s side! Why wouldn’t we win? That’s our mindset. 
So our baptism this week was Luis. The guy who found the missionaries while he was looking for toothpaste. I baptized him and Elder Garcia confirmed him. it was an awesome experience. He is the leader of his family so were going to focus on teaching his wife and daughter now. We’re excited!
I don't really have much to write, the week was good. Lots of new people, I think we had ten new investigators, and they are awesome.  Elder Garcia and I are really, really focusing on faith and the spirit. If we have faith that people will accept our message, then the spirit will testify our words, to their hearts and they will be more likely to accept it. It’s all about spiritual preparation.
I got the package mom with the peanut butter toothpaste and deodorant. Thanks so much!!!!
Sorry that my letter is really short, but I hope you all feel the spirit thinking about what I wrote. I know that this is the lords work I’m doing, and that only with his help can we all do it, but were gonna win, we’re on the lords side . We will win! Why wouldn't we????
I love you all and thank you for your love and prayers. Have a good week!

com amor, Elder Montgomery

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