March 24, 2014

Busy Wonderful Week

3-23-14 Elder Yeanoplos, Garcia, Marquenza, Montgomery, and Stewart
this picture was taken by Br. Johnson, he works for Chevron and is living in Angola
attending the Branch in Terra Nova. He has been a Santa to the Elders. 

3-23-14 Elder Garcia, Montgomery, and Marquenza - Identical triplets dont ya know.  

Elder Garcia, Maninho, and friends, Elder Marqueza, and Montgomery

3-23-14 Maninho (little brother) at His baptism, he asked Elder Montgomery 
to baptize him, what a great honor to baptize a great future leader in Angola.

"I cant believe I ate the whole box of chocolates"

Da Boyz , are they so handsome and Miss Cutie 

Elder Garcia, Maninho, Elder Montgomery, and Da Boyz
Maninho's Baptism Great Day.3-22-14

Welcome Home Elder Tilley and Wilhelm you have certainly left your heart prints on Angola,
thank you for your service and the strength you have given to your Elder Brothers.

84 weeks Angola 3 weeks to go                                                         March 24, 2014
ola minha familia!!!
This week was another wonderful one down in the books. 
Tuesday we had a wonderful zone conference with both Luanda zones combined, and that was really fun, so weird to see Elders Wilhelm an Tilley leave, that means I’m next! yikes. but it was really cool I was assigned to translate during the conference to the two Angolan sister who President invited who will be serving in Moçambique, they don’t speak english so I had to translate the whole 4 hour conference to them, that was tiring for sure. but really cool. sometimes I forget how real the gift of tongues is, and how the lord can really do miracles!
The rest of the week really went way way fast because of the one day off we had for the zone conference, and also we had a baptism on Saturday, of  Maninho, ( which means little brother). He’s 14 and a champion, he chose me to baptize him, so I was privileged to do that. super cool every time.
 This week was really cool, especially getting settled into our triple companionship. Elder Marqueza is a small guys, but he’s hilarious and has a grande spirit. He connects with people so fast and easy, it’s really a advantage about being a "native" but it’s awesome, he’s gonna be an awesome missionary. Elder Garcia is such a good example to him too, it is like he’s already been here  year. 
Basically this week was very, very fast, but very fulfilling!
Wow i only have a minute left I’m sorry, but I love you all so much! Have an amazing week, and look for missionary opportunities!!!!! I LOVE YOU ALL
com muito amor,

Elder Montgomery

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