March 31, 2014

"I love this Angolan People so much"

Elder Garcia and Montgomery 3-30-2014

Elder Garcia , Marqueza, Montgomery

Elder Rodriguez and Montgomery

85 Weeks in Angola (87 weeks is our lucky number)         March 31, 2014
I hope each and everyone of you is having a wonderful Monday and that the lord is blessing you all in the ways you need! 
This week was another one full of changes, Wednesday morning President called and asked elder Garcia if he was ready for a new adventure, he was assigned to train a new missionary from our branch that is waiting for his visa to go to the Dominican Republic, so he left Wednesday to the Luanda 2 branch, and now me and Elder Marqueza are here alone in our area. I was really sad to see elder Garcia leave, but excited to stay with elder Marqueza, it’s been super fun to work with him  he’s way funny and we have fun and work hard at the same time. We have 2 baptisms planned for this next Saturday on the twelfth, and so were just getting ready for that, baptisms always are stressful! but as things are winding down and everyone here knows that I’m leaving it is getting harder and harder to focus, but I am still working hard and doing my best. I learn so much about myself each and everyday as I grow closer to the Savior and help my investigators do that same. I love this Angolan people so much. It is so strange to love a people who have different customs and traditions and a different language, but it just goes to show how the lord loves each and everyone of us equally, race, country, language, and social standing aside we are all Heavenly Fathers children, and Christ through his atonement paid for each and everyone of us. I love being a missionary, and am so sad to have such little time left, but so excited so finish it off with a bang. I love you all and thank you for your love and prayers. Have a good week.! 
com amor,

Elder Montgomery

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